Who are We?

Goods Transporter & Logistics is a unique independent Freight Forwarder & Logistics provider based in Cambodia. We are a serious biz people. A kind of biz made through a value friendship, Partnership and Personalities. We value friendship more than biz as only friendship can make biz last longer and in the win-win situation, Sincerity, Honesty and Pardon with deep understandable.

Goods Transporter & Logistics provide personal services, fast response and feedback with active and pro-active ahead in the market. Goods Transporter & Logistics guaranty on payment to all its biz partners as your freight money and fund is safety and sure you will get it back from us 100%. Our principle belief that the good deeds we all do, the best blessing we would get from above and all!

We understand this very well and Goods Transporter & Logistics Ltd is an experience team who know-how the local & international freight, logistics goes and run worldwide….!