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Gain Transporter Co., Ltd reflect in commitment to freight forwarding and logistics industry, is a unique independent freight forwarder, logistics provider based in Cambodia. We are serious business people, types of people who honor business made through a value friendship, partnership, respectable, plus personalities, personal care, personal services. We value friendship, respects more than business as only friendship & respects can make business last longer and in the win-win situation feedback in Sincerity, Honesty and Pardon under deep mutual understandable.

We care our customers with personal services, and make sure that every needs our customers talk to us will get fast respectable response in human kind, we will not let our customers talk to machines as many big companies did, by letting customers talk to their robot-human machine systems. Our customers are humans required services from same humans being, not systems and human-robots. Comes to us we care about you and we provide personal services.

We would provide personal services, fast response and feedback with active and pro-active solutions ahead in the market.

Our top management is assuring that all freight transport, logistics related works shall be arrival safe, delivery in the whole pieces with great sound, leave no worry to our clients; as the successful of our clients is our concerns and yield in our destiny.

We are guaranty to all our business partners, agents, friends that your monetary freighting fund will be safe and assure that our partners, agents, friends will get full payment as agreed rates and invoices. Trusty in payment is the main points we need to think of. We let you free of worries on the payments when you do business with us.

Our principle belief that the good deeds we all do, the best blessing we would get from above and all in return. Default the payment would result in bad deeds, yield in the return of self-destroy.

Believe that good payment build up reputation; the core of business and reputation earn from sincerity.

It is decades, we are serving freight and logistics our customers worldwide on both markets, local and international requirements. Gain Transporter’s team earned the knowledge of know-how the ways of  local & international freight forwarding, logistics goes and run worldwide nowadays.

Your requirement of urgent delivery of goods is our jobs to deliver on your dateline demands as it is the core, the breath of our business practices.








There is a problem there is a solution, problem is a great puzzle that gives us a chance to grow, to understand further, problem train us to be smarter. For any problems you may face on freight transportation, logistics, customs issues, import and export to-from Cambodia, come to us we give you solutions, solve it for you. Rest assure in us to find the SOLUTIONS for you.


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100% Safe Delivery
Expert on freight forwarding & logistics in decades now, we assure you of 100% Safe Delivery, local and inernational alikes.
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Quality, personal services gives a consequences of safe arrival yield in sustainability that would make all concerned parties sucessful and happy ending.
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Support For Your Vehicles
With modern high-tech of GPS and other devices on vehicles shall help us to assure the alert of any unforeseen issues that no need to find who doing the failures and mistakes
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Fast & On Time
Once people happy to work, difficult thing would turn into easy and enjoyable works; so Fast and On Time is our core activities we would do our best to meet….
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First and foremost we are a highly experienced freight forwarding company that utilize a huge network of trusted partners and direct employees to ensure that your freight gets there on time. We offer freight services to everyone, companies, private individual, UN, diplomatic organizations, NGO, with our services customized to fit your needs.

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Train Freight
Air Freight
Ocean Freight
Customs Broker


We experienced many companies, people, shippers, consignees, clients, importer & exporters scare that if they use freight agency for their import and export shipments they would face extra charges a bit more.

It is truly that the neutral agency would charge handling fee but just to remind you all that the neutral agency would work on your behalf help to save you hundred thousands Dollar, neutral agency would work for you covering all your unpredictability problems.

Millionaire companies would never care about your shipments as you are not important to them. Many comes back to us and ask for helps, finally, when they face problems as that big companies never care for them.

Many people care on small thing and forget big things, this is natural….